Bayani Store Advantage


Balikbayan Box


Secured one stop online shopping from the convenience of your home, office, or anywhere you have access to the internet.

Fight crowds, battle traffic (fuel costs),and take countless hours (time) going from grocery store, to department stores, to electronic stores. Bottom line is that conventional shopping costs you time, money and frustrations. Also you have to pack and schedule a pick-up or deliver it to the nearest balikbayan cargo company.

Delivery Time

Standard – 7 to 10 Days
Express – 5 to 7 Days
Super Express – 24 to 48 hours


30 to 60 days from date of Shipment

Delivery costs to
Metro Manila

Starts from $55 from
anywhere in the world.

$60 to $110 for a standard balikbayan box depending on where you live.



All products will be delivered unopened, undamaged and verified by recipient or your money back.

Always some risk of loss and damage to contents.