Tripp Lite Battery Backup G1010USB UPS

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  • Model:  G1010USB
  • UPS Battery Backup
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  • Digital UPS System with USB charging port - battery backup and protection for computers, audio/video components and home theater systems
  • Tripp Lite's G1010USB line-Interactive digital UPS system offers automatic voltage regulation, USB charging port, surge suppression, noise filtering and long-lasting battery support for computers, peripherals, audio/video components and home theater systems
  • Supports a 2.4 Ghz, 2 GB ram, 320GB HDD desktop computer with 20 inch LCD monitor for up to 60 minutes during power failures
  • Supports DVR/Receiver recording component for up to 180 minutes of recording time during power failures
  • Prevents equipment damage, data loss, viewing interruptions, lost recordings and loss of component programming
  • Preserves expensive bulbs in DLP/LCD projectors and projection HDTV's by supporting vital cooling fans during power failures
  • Automatic voltage regulation circuits adjust brownouts as low as 89V back to safe levels without draining battery power
  • Attractive black cabinet supports horizontal or vertical placement
  • Includes 4 battery-supported and protected outlets, plus 4 additional protected outlets without battery support, for use with laser printers and other peripherals that don't require battery backup
  • USB port enables optional safe, unattended system shutdown without data loss during extended power failures (USB cable included)
  • HID-compliant USB interface enables full integration with built-in power management and auto shutdown features of Windows and Mac OS X
  • RJ11 phone line surge protection jacks protect modems, satellite receivers or other peripherals that use a standard dial-up/DSL phone connection
  • HD-compatible 2.2 ghz coaxial jacks protect against surges on CATV, satellite or broadcast antenna connections
  • Audible alarm and large LCD screen (orange LCD) indicate input voltage, line power status, battery capacity status, battery low/replace status and voltage regulation status
  • LCD screen includes backlight and dimmer
  • 1000VA/500W power-handling capacity
  • Offers 3 minutes battery runtime with a full load of 1000VA/500W and 10 minutes battery runtime with a half load of 500VA/250W


  • Voltage compatibility:  120
  • Frequency compatibility:  60 hz
  • Output VA:  1000
  • Output watts:  500
  • Output nominal voltage:  120V AC
  • Output voltage regulation:  battery mode:  PWM sine wave 115V + / - 5%
  • Output frequency regulation: line mode:  passes line frequency of 60hz + / - 10%, battery mode:  Inverter output regulated to 60hz + / - 0.5hz
  • Outlet quantity / type:  8 NEMA 5-15R
  • UPS input chord length:  6 ft / 1.8 m
  • Recommended electrical service:  120V 15A
  • Maximum input amps:  12
  • Input connection type:  NEMA 5-15 P
  • DC system voltage (VDC):  12
  • Battery access:  Yes
  • Full load runtime:  3 minutes (1000VA / 500W)
  • Half load runtime:  10 minutes (500VA / 250W)
  • Typical battery lifespan:  4-6 years (depending on usage)
  • Voltage regulation description:  line-interactive voltage regulation corrects brownouts as low as 89V back to safe values
  • Brownout correction:  brownouts as low as 89V are boosted by 14%
  • Alarms:  audible alarm indicates loss of utility power.  Alarm can be silenced by pressing front panel mute button.  Once silenced, alarm will re-sound when approximately 2 minutes of runtime remain
  • Switches:  includes 2 front panel buttons - one main on/off power switch and one dual function mute / self test button.  Also includes dimmer control to adjust the brightness of the LCD status screen
  • Front panel LED's:  front panel LCD status screen with adjustable blue backlight offers continuous input voltage data, plus UPS status information on power conditions, battery conditions, battery charge level and voltage regulation operation
  • UPS AC suppression joule rating:  1038 joules
  • EMI / RFI AC noise suppressions:  yes
  • AC suppressions response time:  instantaneous
  • Dataline suppression:  phone (tel/dsl) and coaxial
  • Cooling method:  convection
  • Weight.  15.50 lbs
  • Dimensions:  11.84''H x 3.66''W x 7.24''D