Nutra Luxe MD Skin Whitening Complex, 1oz

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Remove your SUN SPOTS, AGE SPOTS, FRECKLES, and Skin discolorations the NATURAL WAY

Paraben Free - Chemical Free - Alcohol Free - Fragrance Free

Skin Whitening Complex is a state of the art Peptide complex which will give you a flawless, even and bright skin in tone and color.

This NEW technology from EUROPE uses AMINO ACID technology to stop the production of color pigments in the skin. As you renew your skin (every 25 days) your discolorations or spots will naturally disappear, depending how deep they are.

Regain your clear, spotless and luminous appearance to look youthful and vibrant.

Features and benefits:
- Does not contain Hydroquinone
- Does no contain any bleach
- Remove skin discolorations the natural way
- Works on sun/age spots, freckles, melasmas
- Prevents skin hydration
- Helps repair and prevents free radical skin damage
- Contains SPF 15 Sunscreen