Cadbury Milk Chocolate Bar Filled With Roasted Almond - 3.5 oz.

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Cadburys with almond is one of their 3 regular offerings. The other two are Milk Chocolate and Fruit and Nut. Fruit and Nut is my favorite and Almond is next. I like the Almond bar because the nuts are crunchy; I have yet to eat a bar with spoiled nuts (which you sometimes do if you eat chocolate with peanuts) With the crunch you not only get gustatory pleasure but you get a textural pleasure from the mixture of something crunchy as well as something soft in your mouth. I have to admit that Cadbury's, which is tailored to the American sweet tooth is a mite too sweet and it isn't dark chocolate, which is "good" for your health. But who wants to live forever anyway? Chocolate is for pleasure, it's a hedonistic pleasure, if you're into health you should be eating sprouts and doing yoga, not eating this.